English and French Native Speaker/ Canada
Стаж: 6 лет
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Разговорный английский, Общий французский, Разговорный французский

Good day! I’m Sophia from Canada. Since I come from North America I teach the American English. I also teach French and hold an Honours Bachelor degree from the University of Toronto in French as a Second Language. Having learned foreign languages myself I do know how it feels when you try to speak a new language. Thus I have my own methodologies on teaching English and French that once helped me. Excited to help others in their language learning journey!


Стаж: 10 лет

Hello! I am Lyana, a teacher of foreign languages and cultures. I hold a Master’s Degree from Finnish University in Learning, Education and Technology. Learning foreign languages is my passion. I always inspire my students to achieve high learning results, making lessons interesting and interactive. I believe learning should be fun and enjoyable for students and it is never too late to learn a new language or improve your current language skills. I do implement individual approach to each student, depending on the learning needs. On my lessons we will be discussing videos, movies, songs, articles, doing research, making presentations, writing blog posts, playing role games and working on interesting projects while mastering communication, collaboration, problem-solving, ICT and other 21st century skills. I will teach you how to read foreign books, making it your hobby and a method to learn foreign languages yourself. In my free time I am an artist and photographer, who is diving, snorkelling, hiking and travelling to see this beautiful world and to share the positive moments with my students.


French Native Speaker / Belgium
Стаж: 7 лет

Hey, I’m Margarita. After graduating from the Solvay Business School in Brussels I started teaching French. Though I am a financial analyst, I have also a professional experience as a French teacher both in Belgium (“Free University of Brussels”) and in Moscow (“BEST ENGLISH SCHOOL”). As I taught students with all backgrounds, ages, and origins I try to elaborate a specific teaching method and a unique program for every single of them. I try to make my classes about discovering, learning, having fun and elaborating an equal teacher-student relationship. Participative learning is the key point of my method.


English Native Speaker / USA
Стаж: 10 лет
Курсы: Бизнес английский, АНГЛИЙСКИЙ С НОСИТЕЛЕМ ЯЗЫКА

Hello there! I'm a native English speaker from the USA. My lessons are fun, conversational, and detail oriented. I like to focus on how you in particular wish to use English, be it for business or purely for everyday conversing. I want you to feel a sense of confidence and self expression with your English, whether writing a cover letter, preparing for a job interview, or building relationships with English speakers. I have over 10 years of experience teaching English and Theater in the USA, and have transitioned to teaching English as a second language. I have my BFA in Acting from Syracuse University and in addition to teaching, I create multi-media performances and work as a freelance curator. Looking forward to meeting you!


Стаж: 15 лет
Курсы: Бизнес английский, Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Подготовка к собеседованию, TOEFL
Сертификаты: CELTA

I am an English teacher with MA in English language. I am also CELTA certified teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. As an English language teacher I have been conducting a range of trainings such as teacher trainings for those who are going to teach IELTS and BEC course as well as teaching ESP courses for companies. A lot of contribution and professionalism has been shown while working with different teachers and age group students.
I also have experience in coordinating TEFL training with PEACE CORPS, which is a rewarding experience in training American volunteers how to teach English professionally in Armenian classrooms.
My hobby is IT and sport.


English Native Speaker/USA
Стаж: 14 лет
Курсы: Бизнес английский, Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Подготовка к собеседованию, TOEFL/IELTS, Медицинский английский, Разговорный английский
Сертификаты: CELTA

Whatever you need connected to English language, I am ready to help!
I`m from US, Los Angeles. I understand and can express myself in Russian and Italian, and, also, I understand Spanish a little. I have BA in Linguistics and Literature majoring in English and Italian, MA in Translation Studies and another MA from American University, the faculty of TEFL, that is, teaching English as a foreign language. I`ve been teaching English for 14 years to ages 3-65. I taught first at home, then at kindergartens, schools, language centers and now I teach in big companies and on Skype all over the world. My teaching philosophy is that first you, as the instructor, need to love the student considering that all students are the same and have the same values, it doesn't matter what nation they belong and the social status they carry. When your self esteem is high, you can do all. Believe yourself and change the world! Besides, I`m a violinist too- it`s my first profession. I hope someday soon you will hear about my music group concert in your country!


English/ Spanish
Стаж: 7 лет
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Общий Испанский
Сертификаты: CELTA

Hello, I am Anna. I have got my MA degree in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from the American University (AUA). I have been teaching English for almost 7 years to students from 5 to 61. I love teaching to different age groups as it helps to broaden horizon, learn, share and create memories. My life is totally connected with languages and cultures. Now, I speak 7 languages and I would be very happy to share with you. I love travelling and experiencing everything new. Do you want to learn English in an easy, funny and motivating way? If yes, just join the course and you will forget about not being able to speak, share and communicate. I believe that teachers who demonstrate curiosity and passion about what they do motivate students to learn. I do not know who YOU are but I will use diverse methods to ignite a passion in you to learn English and I will create a friendly environment where you will feel motivated and comfortable. Looking forward to meeting YOU.


Стаж: 8 лет
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Бизнес английский, Разговорный английский, Подготовка к собеседованию, IELTS
Сертификаты: CELTA

Hi everybody! I’m Zhanna, an English language tutor for more than 8 years already. Do you want to study English for communicative purposes, do you need business English or are you interested in improving your IELTS band score? Here we are to help you! I have completed my Master’s degree research program at the University of Oulu, Finland. Right now I am working at the Pedagogical University as an English lang. lecturer. I have passed CELTA certification course. I’ll make your learning process as easy and enjoyable as possible, trying to engage your full human learning potential for achieving better results.


Стаж: 4 года
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Бизнес английский, Юридический английский, Разговорный английский, Подготовка к Кембриджскому экзамену FCE
Сертификаты: CELTA

I have graduated from EF International lang school of UK and have a Full English Course Diploma for Advanced level. I also have “Excellent” test results of TOEFL and IELTS exams from British and US Councils. I have been teaching English for over 4 years now and had many students of different ages and language levels. I lived in the USA and UK for some years and have pretty skilled native speech. I do know both British and US accents, so feel free to use the one you know or prefer. I teach General, Business and Lawyer’s English. Hope you will enjoy studying English with me as much as I enjoy teaching. I have passed CELTA certification course.


Стаж: 8 лет
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Бизнес английский, Разговорный английский
Сертификаты: CELTA

Hi. I have been teaching the language both to teenagers and adults since 209 using modern methods and skills of foreign language teaching. The organization of various discussions, watching movies in English, listening to songs and other activities make my lessons interesting and highly develop speaking abilities of the students. Meanwhile due to interesting approaches and methods grammar teaching is no longer a boring obligation for my students, just the opposite, they are eager to acquire more and more grammar rules and practise them. I have passed CELTA certification course.


Стаж: 5 лет
Курсы: Общий французский (для детей и взрослых), Разговорный французский, Бизнес французский

Hi! I'm Anna, specialist of French, graduated from the University of Liège (Belgium). I have taught for 5 years French of all levels. And I am very happy to share my knowledge with those who want to learn French, this beautiful and romantic language. I am open to new methods and innovations that help me organize my courses the most interesting and useful way. I hope you’ll like French and we’ll cooperate together. See you soon.


English, Spanish
Стаж: 5 лет
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Бизнес английский, Общий испанский
Сертификаты: CELTA

I am Annie. I am English and Spanish teacher. I have taught English for about 5 years. I love my profession and my students a lot. I have qualification of a teacher and translator but teaching is my first profession. Dealing with the work I love to do I get energy and I become enthusiastic. I explored and found out methods that will help me to make the teaching process more interesting and efficient that will help my students learn English easily. Contact me and I will help you to make your desire of learning English come true. I have passed also CELTA certification course.


Стаж: 6 лет
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Бизнес английский, Разговорный английский, TOEFL, IBT
Сертификаты: CELTA

Hi! I’ve got my MA from the American University of Armenia and BA from Yerevan State University. I’m specialized in EFL/ESL teaching. I love being a teacher, as it gives the opportunity to work with different people, help them to learn and also learn something new all the time. Apart from General English, I enjoy teaching ESP (English for specific purposes). I pay special attention to my students’ needs and interests, which helps to make the language learning process more interesting and fun.


English Native speaker/USA
Стаж: 16 лет
Курсы: Общий английский, Бизнес английский, Подготовка к собеседованию
Сертификаты: TESOL

Hey there! I’ve been teaching for 16 years now, the last 4 of which almost exclusively to Russian speakers, thanks to which I picked up Russian as well. I hold a Master’s Degree from New York University, as well as a TESOL certificate, which has prepared me to teach my language to speakers of other languages.
Do expect however, after some time of dedicated study with me, to be comfortably understanding and using real, everyday American English.
If you have any special needs (test-taking, interview prep, travel, business English) – just ask: I do it all!


Стаж: 7 лет
Курсы: Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Бизнес английский, Подготовка к собеседованию
Сертификаты: CELTA

Hi. I am a teacher, who loves her job. I live in Finland and work in the University of Oulu, Faculty of Education. I do doctoral research in the Education field. I also have Masters and Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Pedagogy. This knowledge and experience help me make creative and interesting lessons. Interactive ways of teaching are used during the lessons. We learn things step by step and I am making sure that the students understand everything. We try to speak only English during the lessons with the students, who already have some knowledge. For the students who know no English, I explain things also in Russian. During the lessons we work together on all aspects of the language. I​ use games, songs, quizzes, videos especially in the work with children and teenagers.


Стаж: 6 лет
Курсы: Бизнес английский, Общий английский (для детей и взрослых), Подготовка к собеседованию, TOEFL
Сертификаты: CELTA

Hi! I’ve got my MA from the University of Sheffield (the UK) and BA/MAB from Texas A&M University (the USA), majoring in Business and Marketing. So no matter whether you want to learn British English, American English or Business English, we can develop the best course for you. I taught English in different countries, like Greece, the Netherlands, etc. and have more than 6 years of experience (General English, TOEFL, Business English, etc.). I enjoy working with people as I can always learn something new from them and can teach something new too. My teaching method is to teach you everything that you will need in real life!


Italian Native speaker/Italy
Стаж: 8 лет
Курсы: Итальянский

I am Narine and it is already 8 years that I live in one of the most beautiful Italian cities, in Florence. I have graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence and I've taken an additional degree in Italian language and culture.
Italian is not just a language, it is an entire culture that they call "Lа Dolce Vita" (the sweet life). During my classes I will try to focus not only on grammar, but mostly on conversations. We will try to speak only Italian, which will help to learn the language faster. Depending on your purpose of learning the language I will try to prepare individual lessons and vocabulary for each student.
We will discuss Italian traditions, Italian food and we will find out why Italian pasta has so many shapes and why Italians drink cappuccino only in the morning:)


British English Teacher
Стаж: 10 лет
Курсы: IELTS/TOEFL/British English

I am Gayan, Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Law (PhD), MA in Comparative Legal Studies and an International Relations Specialist. I obtained my PhD at Newcastle University, UK, MA at American University of Armenia and Diploma degree in International Relations at Yerevan State University. I am proficient in teaching IELTS both general and academic and love to motivate and assist people in finding their proper place on this Earth.


Native English
Стаж: 7 лет
Курсы: TOEFL, American English, General English, Business English

I'm a result-oriented TOEFL trainer who is holding a Master's degree majoring in teaching English as a foreign language. Being dedicated to my work, I am committed to giving the most I can to my students. Observing them enhance their skills and knowledge is a truly rewarding experience, as at the end of the day this helps me realize that I have made a right career choice. Working at different language schools I have always tried to deliver fun and productive lessons and developed individual approach to each student.
This year I presented at 23rd TESOL Arabia International conference held in Dubai and received a certificate. During the conference I gained more knowledge about rapidly developing TOEFL teaching methods which I put into practice to create better quality lessons.
I strive for students who are ambitious and definitely know what they need from life.